Away from the city and home…

If I could drive a thousand miles

away from the city and home

I’d reach a place where the starry sky

is not veiled by a staged glow

I’d sleep under the heavenly blanket

with the soft grass under my head

and wake with the chirpin’ birds

and the morning dew on my hands

away from the city and home

a place where I can finally breathe

and heave a sigh of relief

the horns no longer bleed my ears

nor do the people make me moan

out here away from the city and home

is a place where I can finally be on my own.

-Ayesha Aggarwal


“you fall,you r…

you fall,you rise,you
make mistakes,you live,
you learn.You’re human,
not perfect.You’ve been
hurt,but you’re alive.
Think of what a precious
privilege it is to be alive-
to breathe,to think,to
enjoy,and to chase the
things you love.
Sometimes there is
despair in our journey,
but there are days of joy as well
we must keep on
putting one foot in front of
the other even when it seems like the
toughest job to do,
for we will never know
what is waiting for us
just around the bend.

– Unknown

This quote always gets me through the day