That’s the power of literature…in the midst of chaos it makes you see beauty.You could be sitting in a room full of the most ignorant and despised people in the world…yet somehow a line,a word can make all the difference.

You could be smiling to yourself trying to supress your laughter over the antics of jeeves and wooster while your co workers are busy indulging in petty talk and boring you to hell,or you could be riding along ivanhoe through the harrowed woods of yore.

Literature is that emergency escape door that you always find yourself heading for when things go south and there is nothing you can do to stop them, or when there is nothing you want to do…

It is a temporary exile for the delusional, the rebels, the mavericks and the dreamers, who know and believe that there is more to this world than trivial pursuits enticed by mediocre longings , who dare to expose their hearts to the brutalities of this world rather than covering it up with a mantle of banality and threadbareness, whose hearts quiver by the acquaintance of a well written prose, a beautiful line or even the perfect word.



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