Good evening charming people of the internet! Finally i made the effort to rise up,shake off the cobwebs that had formed around my bed and finally open my laptop.After two weeks of an eating and sleeping marathon, i’m back to my normal human self.

Today i finally got the chance to watch ‘Bucket-List’, though i missed the ending, but i’m assuming it was a neat one with everyone getting whatever it was that they needed.

This makes me think aren’t we humans big fans of happy endings, when everything falls into place, smiles all around, and why shouldn’t we be? everybody wants to be happy, everyone wants that their lives be neat, no loose strings hanging about.

But the bitter truth is that we can never have a perfect bow on our lives, there would always be some strings that escape our grasp or some strings that are simply too tangled up to be sorted.This is life and despite what the movies tell us, we don’t have happy endings , i know it sounds gloomy, it is when you first take in the idea, but if we really think about it logically, it’s true, life goes on and we go on with it, we are continually facing new problems, dealing with new situations , meeting new people going to new places,in a nutshell life is a constant flux of new experiences.We have to let go of the strings we can’t tie, we gotta love our twisted unkempt bow,because that’s as good as we are going to get.


I’ll leave you with these thoughts

Au revoir for now



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