The battle II

With the quivering of your hands,

You push open the door,

And your eyes behold a scene so forlorn.

The door has closed.

There is no running away,

You must face the battle and save the day.

You know nary of courage or strength.

You say to yourself,

“I am but a leaf, a speck”,

What mighty things could I possibly slay?

Look around and see,

The place where you stand,

A place where most even fear to tread.

Though with trembling legs and hands,

You have given yourself a chance.

Do not speak little of your heart,

It can take down the gravest of fears apart.

You call yourself a leaf then why must,

Your fear for the wind run so deep?

The wind is what will make you fly,

Will take you to heights that you never even dreamed.

Learn to embrace it, welcome this howling demon,

And then you will feel it quietening down,

Your courage will make it weaker,

Your faith will make it quieter,

And at last it will disappear.

And in the rains of victory,

Your fears will be washed away.



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