The battle I

When you can hear the distant rumble of sorrow,

And you see the skies darken.

You find yourself being engulfed,

In a quietness that haunts every corner.

And you want to cry and run,

But you fear that your tears,

Will break the silence of the storm;

And unleash the hell that you run from.

You roam in search of a place to hide,

A place to shelter your tired mind.

And to find a corner where you can cower,

Cover your ears and your eyes.

The wind begins to howl,

You hear it calling your name.

You can see the trees wail in its wake,

Rustling up the leaves and stones.

Hear, they come knocking at your door.

In this cacophony of noises,

The only familiar sound is the one,

Of your heart beating out loud.

You hear its echoes in the solitary confines

Listen to what it says, it’s time for you to rise.

Your words stuck in your throat,

Your fingers clenched in a fist,

You step outside and challenge the wind.



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