Lying under a tree,

in the summer afternoon breeze

what do you see?

do you see the sun dancing through the boughs?

do you hear the whispering of the leaves?

do you feel the heat on your skin

and the wind cooling it

does the soft grass cushion your head?

when you close your eyes

and start to fall in a slumber

your ears echo the sound of a distant thunder

the wind gains strength and it scares the leaves,

leaving them in a flustered agony

the heat is gone,now it’s the wind dancing

but the beat can no longer be heard

silence falls and the leaves quieten down

you open your eyes to a sky that’s darkened

through the boughs you see the grey fog moving,

like sheeps in a crowded flock,

then the whole world comes to a stand still,

as the sky pours down in a pitter patter,

the leaves rejoice and embrace the rain,

the noises are drowned,

and all the frowns turned upside down.







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