Waste not want not

Why don’t people get excited about anything nowadays  ?? is there a new tax that has been levied, that says every time you get excited about anything you have to empty your pockets? I mean what, people have no sense of adventure, no thrill of living life, talk about putting a dampener on events, imagine spending time with people who put a dampener on life! golly! I, on the other hand, can get excited about anything and everything, a delicious breakfast is enough to have me jumping out of the bed, I look around and see such dull lives, people with such sad faces burdened with pointless woes, and all I can think of is “damn!  what song should I listen to first on my way back home?” I mean come on people you get one life and you spend it, fighting, crying, holding grudges and what not. when all that while you could have spend it doing and exploring so many things!! I can never understand human nature, maybe because I am not meant to, I am no guru on life’s philosophy, but in my short period on earth I have understood a few simple things, they are as follows:

  1. if you don’t like a person simply throw them out of your life and don’t dwell on it(not literally I mean that would require a lot of physical strength unless you are doctor strange then you can simply zap them away).
  2. Oreos and tea are a solution to every problem (well about 96% of them).
  3.  Don’t complicate life!!!!!!! (if ever you feel frustrated look at benedict Cumberbatch’s pictures if that doesn’t make your day I don’t know what will)
  4. and in the end, it’s all about taking life one day at a time or maybe one nap at a time.

Dull is not a word to be associated with life, neither is sad or depressed, …crying maybe(if you have watched tfios then you know where I am coming from) in fact I’d recommend you to cry, cry when you watch a sad movie, cry when you see a ridiculously cute picture of a puppy, cry when you eat a gobsmackingly cooked meal(just make sure your tears don’t add any extra seasoning to the food I mean that would be ironic right), when you cry it just makes your heart feel so much lighter and makes you want to smile more. so yes go ahead and cry yourself a river , then build a bridge and get over it.but for goodness sake don’t go through life  looking like a zombie devoid of any smile and positive emotions.

Amen to that

Au revoir




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