Morning musings

Saturday early morning, the ground is wet, the streets are glistening with rain water, a bald man is walking his poodle, a lady dressed in white looking like she means business, another lady dressed in a loose yellow shirt and capris is walking slowly with her very old limping dog, as my eyes wander around i see the sun kissed trees standing gently in this beautiful morning, the sky is crystal blue with not even the tiniest speck of cloud in view, as i sit at my desk, a gentle breeze comes in every now and then which distracts me from my work and compels me to take in a deep breath, such is the crispness and the freshness of this breeze, that it manages to wake up my sleepy brain in a way that no cup of coffee could ever do, it is like a cool glass for water for my lungs and i could sit here all day just breathing in this heavenly breeze,as i write the sky outside is now starting to get covered with a blanket of clouds and the sun has gone in hiding, it is unusually quite for a Saturday morning, the sun is now playing peek a boo, appearing out of no where and flooding the whole place with a gentle sunlight, the kind that makes you want to close your eyes and raise your chin and feel its gentle warmth on your face.


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