An ode to weekends…

Saturday evening, it’s drizzling outside, a whiff of petrichor is in the air, the road outside is almost deserted except for the occasional auto rickshaw’s carrying the select few who are returning from a day of hard work with the dreams of a peaceful and cloudy Sunday, wish i could say the same for myself, for my weekends have been ruthlessly hijacked by this tough competitive lives we lead and therefore i must do what is right and spend my weekends studying. 😦

Oh evenings like these make me nostalgic, petrichor is a dangerous smell my dear friends, one whiff of it and it drowns you in a rain of memories like nothing you’d ever imagine.

Rainy evenings would usually find me sitting out in the balcony, enjoying the cool breeze and the occasional splashes of water on my face while warming myself with a cup of tea in my hand, and i would sit there till the sky darkened and the ambling clouds could no longer be seen and the street lamps would start glowing casting this surreal shadow on the wet roads and trees, as if a scene from a beautiful novel had been picked and laid out for the world to feast its eyes upon.Oh how i miss those days!!

The following day if i was in luck , i’d be woken up by the sound of a light drizzle gently beating against the window pane and mes amis there is nothing better in the world than being woken up by the sound of drizzle it just makes your heart leap with joy and makes you want to jump out of bed right away, but alas gone are those marvelous days, for now i have been stuck in a rut.

But i am a stubborn lady, i don’t give in easily. i always manage to find ways to steal some moments of bliss in this busy life, whether it be a cup of coffee in a cafe early morning,seeing the sun rise at 3 am and so on.

But in the end we got to do what we got to chin up and let’s head on.

Au revoir

have a great weekend everyone!!



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