Heaven is high up right??

Don’t you wish for a simple life at times?Dreaming that when you wake up or when you go to bed you don’t have a thousand things weighing on your mind,that your each living breathing moment is not spent in anticipation of the what the future will bring.When I dream of such a life i usually end up thinking about the mountains,life in the mountains.Living in a log house nestled in the hills.Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping,breathing in the crisp fresh pollution free mountain air ,going for treks around the beautiful scenery or just lying down around for a nap.But hey you can’t live anywhere for free right? you need to work and earn money(it reminds me of a dialogue I heard in a movie:”money money money it will bite you on the bottom” it’s from Saving Mr.Banks if anyone of you have watched it) So what options do we have ? Hmm What about a bakery? I think it sounds perfect! You have the fresh mountain produce,wood for the ovens and everything tastes better in the mountains(Yes it’s a fact or so I have been told) .


Oh it’s perfect,working in the bakery all day surrounded by the smell of delicious and scrumptious bread,then coming back home sitting down on the porch ,with a cup of coffee ,the toothsome bread you baked and a book of course ,watching the sun set on the hills, the sky turning the hues of various shades of red (sigh!!) I could live there forever like seriously!!

And let’s not forget about the starry skies of the hills!!(sounds heavenly).

I’ll leave you with these thoughts,life is calling.

Bye for now



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