A heaven of brownish hues…

I was just watching harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban and do you remember the scene where harry first comes across dementors and he gets unconscious and on waking up the professor offers him a chocolate or rather a piece of it( it’s ok prof we know chocolate is not easy to share!).That scene got me thinking how important chocolate is for the proper functioning of the human heart and mind.

I have always celebrated my little milestones by rewarding myself a chocolate bar.And I guess it would be a bit embarrassing to talk about the amount of chocolate I indulge in during my final exams.Fun fact: chocolate is a proven stress reliever.According to a study dark chocolate reduces the amount of cortisol and epinephrine production,these two compounds are strong stimulants for the heart and blood vessels,in other words controlling the amount of oxygen flow especially during a crisis.In a nutshell low cortisol and epinephrine equals better stress handling(but this is true only for dark chocolate I guess).Coming to dark chocolate it’s my favourite kind.I just love the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, not that I don’t love other kinds of chocolate but if given a choice dark chocolate is my pick.

Fun fact: milk chocolate is not actually chocolate.Yeah, sorry guys and gals.But hey a rose by any other name would smell just the same so go on and pop that milk chocolate bar without the slightest of apprehension.

It’s a little insane to think about the plethora of chocolate varieties available in the world: dark, milk, mint, caramel, nutty, fruity and so on….

As a kid, I was nuts for chocolate(not that I am not still).I remember how as a kid in the advent of sneaking a chocolate bar I ended up burning my hand badly and the scar is still there.But it didn’t lessen my affection for chocolate one bit if anything I like it even more.

Oh, so much chocolate talk has got me cravin for a bar.BRB



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