Gone with the wind…

A sauntering wind greets me as I sit at my desk trying hard to study, I could blame it on the wind, but it’s really just me.When I don’t want to study even the tiniest of distraction is more than enough.And so for today it came guised as this crisp, chilly and sauntering breeze, that made me sit upright and inhale in the freshness that this beautiful morning has to offer.Believe me, I tried my level best to concentrate, but the breeze just made it that much harder(Okay I am blaming it on the wind).And the timing was just perfect every time I was about to start a question it drifted in through the door and got hold of me like a nagging dog trying to get me away from my desk and step outside and I am sorry to say I gave in twice.But I don’t mind losing to the wind, who would.It got me thinking and wishing that I was sitting on the porch of a beautiful log house nestled somewhere in the mountains,the view partly covered with fog and clouds settling and wrapping the great firs and oaks,while I am all wrapped up and enjoying a cup of coffee while taking in this marvellous and breathtaking view(sigh).Can anyone really study after such musings?I am perfectly innocent here.

Well with these thoughts I guess I should try and get back to life.

Au revoir

Hope you have an amazing day!




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