The Treble in my life

I guess it’s high time I wrote another blog about music, I’ve been meaning to write one for a couple of months but just couldn’t find the time or the right mood to do so. Well not that right now is any better timing than most ( I have an exam tomorrow!!) but I guess I am in the right mood so who cares about the timing right?

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Music has been such a high point in my life, I mean I have already stressed upon how much music has meant to me personally in my previous blog ‘Treble.Bass.Lyrics’ but I guess a part of me felt that I wasn’t done talking about it (Well not that I’ll ever be, music is one of the subjects I can talk about endlessly with anyone at any time, yes trust me I really mean It, I jump at opportunities to talk about music)

Well to be honest this evening Ed sheeran got me in the mood to talk about music, I have been listening and crooning to his songs for the entire evening (I should have been studying really but come on Ed sheeran or stochastic activities? Duh is that even a question?)

Ed Sheeran’s voice is magic. It’s like a bucket of chocolate fudge and a cup of hot chocolate all mixed together (sigh!!).

Every time I hear any of his songs I feel like throwing everything away and just enjoy those three and half minutes of pure bliss.

But it’s not just Ed sheeran’s songs that have that kind of effect on me, I enjoy literally every song that can make me croon and groove no matter what the situation.

Music is like my powerhouse, it’s my  way of dealing with the unbearable, and it’s basically my solution to every problem in life: Need inspiration? Music! Need a break? Music! Need to feel good? Music!!!

A couple of weeks ago I had the very first job interview of my life and I was thrilled and terrified in equal measures, and the day before the interview I had decided that I would wake up early just so I could listen to my favorite songs and gear myself up for the day, well as luck would have it I was so tired from all the preparation that Instead of getting up early I got up late and I had no option but to just get ready and head out. I guess that  kind of set the tone for the day because I couldn’t get through even after reaching so close(sigh!) but I don’t want to talk about this, It’s a closed chapter and will always be one!!

Coming back to music I guess we all have our special moments with music. God knows I have innumerable!

For instance in the morning music acts like my cup of extra strong espresso, on my way to college I plug in my headphones and listen to the most cheeky and hippy-hoppy songs(You know what I mean) and no matter how sleepy I am feeling by the time I reach college I am wide awake.

And I absolutely need music when I am studying, It just helps me concentrate so much better I mean we normally have so much noise around us all the time any ways so why not have some that you can actually enjoy!

With this I bid you a farewell for today! Stochastic activities here I come!

A bientot

Lots of love and hugs and songs

Ayesha Aggarwal

P.S. Do you have a favorite song moment?


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