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A fall in time

lying in patience for the third season of the year

when the rustling of leaves beneath your feet reaches your ear

when the evening comes a bit too soon

and you don’t have to wait too long to see the moon

the early morn can you give a shiver

if you wake up and go out early it might make you quiver

the best days of fall are the ones overcast

they make you reach out for a cuppa though

not for long does it last

fall gives you hope and faith

and you know that for christmas its not a long wait

time to bring out the scarf and sweater

no time to get ill in this weather

O fall come soon come fast

this summer is not long to last.

-Ayesha Aggarwal

P.S. What is your favorite fall moment?


3 thoughts on “A fall in time

  1. We call it Autumn here in the UK but I love it just the same ☺ I love the chill in the air and watching the change of colour on the leaves. I love wrapping up just a little warmer and closing the curtains a little earlier. A glass of red wine just feels right. I love all seasons when it begins to turn, but Autumn, or fall, is one of my favourites! 🍁🍁

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      1. Benedict Cumberbatch is great!! In fact, I watched Sherlock with my roast dinner (with Yorkshire pudding of course) last night ☺. I’m sure there are many things about your country that I could easily embrace. Like Halloween! That must be epic!!

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