have you ever felt like packing up and leaving and never coming back and starting of afresh in a new place with a new face. That is just what I feel right now. I don’t want this life. If I had one magical power I would erase this day from my memory forever and forever.i didn’t know it was possible to cry for four hours straight but now I do.i feel like a kid lost in a maze.my entire evening was spent cluthching and hugging my mom with dad giving me ‘dad’ advice.when the whole thing was through all I could think of was mum dad and how badly I wanted to hug them I feel as if a part of me has died because I’ve let them down yet again.for once I wanted to do something just right. But it wasn’t meant to be. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to make peace with it. I don’t even know what the future will bring. But right now I feel as if my entire world has been turned upside down and everything that’s dear to me has been taken away from me.

For a moment I just thought about abandoning this blog forever and ever. But then I thought I am not going to leave something so precious because of some fools who couldn’t see my worth. Well their loss not mine 😎

Hoping that the Sun rises on the right side of the sky. 

Ayesha Aggarwal 


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