We are sailors!

We are sailors and we are not afraid of storms! This is something I’ve been telling myself for the past couple of days. Sailors don’t shy from navigating the rough seas. They embrace it as and when it comes upon them. I think that is something we should all learn and practice. Embracing the storm. The fear of drowning should not pervade our minds. 

As someone once said:

Courage is not the absence of fear but the realisation that something else is more important than fear. 

So yes there you have it. We cannot foresee the future, at times like these I wish we could(but then that not knowing has it charms )so the only option that we have is to move forward with all the strength we can find and pray that everything will work out the way it should. But there is no saying,no gurantee that it won’t hurt. It hurts and it hurts bad when you see your life crumble into pieces in front of your eyes and you are left standing in a pile of rubbish with your face covered in dust and tears streaming down your eyes. It has taken me every bone in my body to move on and forget and forgive but now I’m not sure how much of it I have forgotten and forgiven,because the past few days have felt like the nightmares you get at night after watching a scary movie, you start jumping at the slightest noise, you double check the latches basically you start questioning everything around you.I am not saying the path ahead is going to be easy but if I have learnt anything it’s that in moments of crisis you can either be your own worst enemy or your own best guide.There is a poem by John Donne that says ‘no man is an island ‘ , and i am sorry to say I disagree,every man is an island, we have all the resources,all the strength we need,we just need to delve deep. 

Despair be not my guest ,

Yet if fate brings thee to my door  I shall embrace Ye,

For I know I have known and loved victory,

Though victory be not mine for long,

I cherished it every second,

I have known joy and know that joy Has known me,

But now the hour has come we must both go our own way,

‘Tis a lonely road without Ye o dear joy, 

I shall walk with the memory of you in my mind

Hoping and praying that I meet thee  in my path someday.

Au revoir

Mes cheres 

Ayesha Aggarwal 


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