I really cannot caption this…

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m in agony!!The humans frustrate me!! I am in desperate need of a real human being, someone who actually talks thing worth talking about. Everyone just talks about such banal, trivial and hackneyed stuff that I have put my brain on a complete filter mode everything and anything that passes through my ears these days never reaches my brain, so I have conditioned myself to give trite responses.

Pour exemple::

Person (P): Can you believe what they said!!

The response I give:-god no (see 2 words)

The response I want to give:-Who gives a fuck??

P: God what on earth are they wearing??

The response I give: – Wow really (see 2 words again…sensing a pattern here)

The response I want to give: Seriously who gives a fuck??

I really feel like crying my eyes out at times. Where did actual people go? I feel like I am living with robots who have been fed a certain set of inputs and thus can only respond to this set of stimuli that falls within their processing range. I miss conversations where we used to talk about how great a singer was or debate endlessly about the recent affairs of the world or about how great peanut butter and jam sandwiches are. Or even how good an actor was in a movie. But nobody talks about the important stuff anymore, people are too busy pointing at others and discussing how terrible they are and yet everyone wonders why the hell do I not talk? Trust me given the right topic there’d be no one more verbose than me, I can talk endlessly about the wonders of this world, about how great peanut butter is, how amazing the sky looks, about the stars, about the cars ,almost about anything that matters. But I cannot for god’s sake talk about other people .I simply cannot discuss people and whatever the hell it is that they are doing with their lives. I seriously feel that the world would become a much better place if people would just simply mind their own business and stop poking their noses in other people’s lives. If you don’t like someone you normally avoid them. You don’t spend every living breathing minute of your life scrutinizing their actions and waiting for them to make a mistake.In my defense I’ll say that I have really tried to fit in, I have faked and faked enthusiasm about things I don’t care an iota about,but I am exhausted I truly and really am exhausted bone deep and as I said before, I have stopped giving a fuck about anything (please pardon my profanity) that doesn’t matters.It seems the only place where i can find peace is within the pages of a paperback where real people still thrive and survive.

I miss you Harper :”-( !! nothing is the same without you!!

Au revoir

Hoping that the world would be a better place when i wake up.

Bon nuit.

Ayesha Aggarwal.


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