Downpour Dilemmas 

Isn’t rain like the most perfect thing ever.The way it attenuates the insignificant cacophonies and leaving room for only the most precious and serene voices and sounds that are often drowned out by the kerfuffles and jostles of the normal life.The sound of rain I think is one of the most beautiful and calming sounds one can ever come across,the pitter and the patter of the rain drops has the capacity to lend calmness to even the most aggravated and irascible souls,having said that I could just sit and listen to the sound of rain drops all day. Rain has its way of making even the most triflest of things stand out, like the rain drops that settle on the flower petals lending it that beautiful burnish. I don’t know why but I often find myself enchanted by the way raindrops make their way down window panes and end up making a beautiful canvas second to none. And it’s equally beautiful and awing to watch the world through that canvas,the way the colours all merge together, smudged at the boundaries which is quite metaphoric cause just like the rain it binds everything together. This is especially true when you are in car and it starts raining and the scenery completely transforms when you look outside from your window.I quite clearly remember the best drive of my life,it was raining heavily and we were driving through  a hilly area with winding roads and all that and the trees were just dancing along in the rain ,the road was completely deserted except for the occasional cars and trucks that passed by and I don’t know why but all this made me reach out for my shawl and snuggle because for some unknown reason rain always makes me want to snuggle(also it was middle of the winters) and I guess that is why I love when it rains in the winters, but coming back to the drive it was such a beautiful moment like someone had taken out a scene from a movie and laid it out ,I wish I have more of such drives coming my way(sigh).I have often wondered why is it that artists and poets consider rain to be such a big deal, but then I guess the reasons couldn’t be much farther than the ones I have supplied. Another question that has often lingered on my mind is the inherent relation between rain and caffeine. What is it about rain that makes people want to reach out for a hot cuppa ??This is all very mysterious.All this makes me think of rain as some mystical/magical element that changes the atmosphere the moment it starts. I guess I am just grasping at straws here 😝(this is a seriously ridiculous explanation) but I guess it would suffice to say that rain like nature is something that is beyond human understanding.And when you think about it why do we need to understand it??we don’t …really(excluding the meteorologists of course ).I can’t wait for it to start pouring again. I hope wherever you are may the rain gods have mercy on you or not if you don’t like rains but what are the chances of that?
Au revoir mes amies 

A bientot 

Jouir de la saison des pluies 

Ayesha Aggarwal


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