The only second you’ll ever have

I have been pondering over this thought for a quite a while now.When i look back i realize that the time has gone by far too quickly than i would have ever imagined .I am having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that three years have just flown by so quickly,because to me it just seems like yesterday when i was walking through the college gates filled with wonder and enthusiasm about the things that might be .They say that time flies by when you are enjoying yourself,and when i think about it i realize that the past three years of my life have been the best so far i’ve read so many amazing books,done so many amazing things and some crazy ones too ,met so many wonderful people.And all this makes me wish that the time would just stop,for once i want the cogwheels of time to stop in their motion and remain so until i feel that i can finally let go.The future scares me at times but i guess that’s just normal, fear of the unknown. Someone wise once said “You cannot connect the dots looking forwards you can only connect them looking backwards” ,that someone was Steve Jobs and now when i peruse these lines i realise how perfect they are and how true they stand.We cannot know what’s going to happen in the future,in the very next second even ,if we did there would be no point in living,we can only keep moving forwards and hope that things would sort themselves out and eventually we will end up where we all belong.Live in the present because that is all we have to call our own that is all we can be sure of this very second,not the future and definitely not the past.

Sail ahead o young sailor

let not the fear of storms tarry ye

Strive on,sail on

lest you fail

let not the sorrow drown thou heart

for whatever storms maybe

ye conquered the mightiest one

ye dared beyond the shores and into the unknown.

Au revoir mes amies

A bientot

Ayesha Aggarwal


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