Living life one paperback at a time

“I think books are like people, in the sense that they’ll turn up in your life when you most need them.”
― Emma Thompson

I quite agree with Emma, except for the fact that books are better than people,people may disappoint you,break you ,leave you shattered or worse for the wear,but not books,no, books are always there for you, even if a book is not good it always teaches you something,brings new people in your life(figuratively speaking) and takes you to unseen places.

It happens quite often that people around me don’t seem to quite get my obsession (or fixation or call it what you will) with books,and so it happens I don’t get people who don’t read,people who have never experienced the thrill of opening a paperback.I mean I just can’t even imagine my life without books,can you imagine not knowing Atticus finch or scout,harry potter,Robert Langdon or Hercule Poirot for that matter ! It’s unimaginable. While working on a recent project which is a sort of e-mag about books(this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you😝) I was looking for pictures of bookstores( a daunting task for obvious reasons) and I came across this post that mentioned the most amazing bookstores around the world and God was i in a world of pain after having read that post 😭 I can’t believe I’ve spent all my life visiting the  threadbare and banal bookstores with  sales clerk who couldn’t be less interested and can almost absolutely never manage to find the book you are looking for (tough times). Did you know there exists such a thing called a floating bookstore !! Yes you heard me correct !! A freaking floating bookstore! Complete with a rooftop where actual people come and perform musical shows !and then there’s this bookstore that has a separate room for each genre !!! A whole room dedicated to a single genre can anything be better than this? I guess not,right! I can only ideate about visiting these places anytime soon. But as long as I have a paperback to pass the time I guess I won’t mind the wait.

A bientot

Mes amis


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