Life in monochrome

Whoa! First of all it feels great to be back from a writing hiatus.Feels like coming home if you ask me.

Now coming to the actual subject.

I was reading this book yesterday and there was this paragraph in it which talked about how during the second world war,the soldiers who were occupying a certain island at that time were unloading food that was sent by the Red Cross to feed the inhabitants,but they didn’t take even a single morsel from the pile even though they were starving themselves . After reading this para I was like wow that’s something, I actually questioned the whole event, I was like why didn’t they? they are the bad guys they can do whatever the hell they want to without worrying about the moral implications (Though I am not sure about the historical accuracy of this event ,it was mentioned in a fiction novel so..).

But anyways the incident made me delve deeper into the situation.I have always considered and known myself to be someone who always reads between the lines, someone who has a high emotional quotient (I have no intentions of bragging trust me),so when I found myself thinking along those lines it kind of hit me at that moment and I realized how monochromatic my thinking was .Just because someone is bad,doesn’t necessarily has to mean that everything about them is the same ,the bad guys can have a good heart too(not unless you’re one of those villains who are rotten through and through and will do anything to get your way,pour exemple : Loki,Red Rackham,khan …… you get the picture).

One character that surprisingly pops up in my mind is Jean valjean from Les Miserables,where by the end of the story you actually feel like hugging the bad guy i.e. no longer bad guy.Jean valjean was a beautiful character, its amazing how he completely turned around his life and became a symbol of hope and love for so many people.Oh look i am digressing from the topic sorry!!

What I mean to say is everyone deserves a second chance,there’s always some good in everyone no matter how twisted and diabolical they are.

It’s just a matter of perspective and finding the good in everything and everyone.nothing is just white or just black.The rainbow has so many other colors too.We just have to make little extra effort to see them,just change our angle and allow the light to fall in the right place.

With this I bid adieu.

Have a great day mes amis!


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