Wanderlust ..

Today seems like a perfect day to write a blog. The skies are overcast, there is a whiff of petrichor in the air, basically the kind of weather that can make you wonder why you are not standing in some different beautiful place and enjoying the sights rather than being cooped up in your room, but being holed up in a room wouldn’t be that bad if there was a small fireplace, a cozy armchair and a wall lined with books, but since that’s far from happening no point talking about it. I’ve always had envy for people who get to travel extensively, they’ve seen, heard and done things we can only imagine .While we are eating the same food, talking in the same language, wearing the same clothes, seeing the same things day in and day out. The travelers, the explorers a.k.a the luckiest people in the world get to taste different kinds of cuisine, they experience the linguistic diversities that one can only come across in books, their eyes have seen sights that we a.k.a the grounded can only ever come across on our fb walls,insta feed and other such colloquialisms.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

-Saint Augustine

If I ever get a chance to tour the world, the first place I’d start with would definitely be Paris, oh the number of times I’ve dreamt of sitting in a French cafe, sipping cafe au lait and eating croissants and getting to say Bon appetit while tasting a panoply of cheeses, looking down Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower and finally visiting Louvre and having a chance to look at the Mona Lisa. After Paris my next destination would have to be London, also the birthplace of the one and only Shakespeare. What a pleasure it would be to walk the streets of London on a rainy day, stopping by in a cafe for my afternoon tea with cakes and scones! And then maybe later on we could have a serving of fish and chips along with some Yorkshire pudding (God! I’d never stop eating!) While talking to people in that sexy British accent and finally we could catch a glimpse of the royal palace and who knows, walking down the streets of London one might bump into Benedict Cumberbatch. The list of places I’d like to visit is endless. The Smithsonian in Washington, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, an evening on the Bosphorus where you can see two continents meeting, Europe on one side and Asia on the other. Seeing the opera house and going for a Sunday barbie in Sydney, trying on kimonos and performing tea ceremonies in Japan, watching people perform tai-chi in China, cycling on the streets and bridges of Amsterdam, seeing the tombs of pharaohs in Egypt, drinking Irish coffee in Ireland. Jeez!! This list is endless and so are the amazing places on this planet. I only hope I get the time and the chance to see them all.

Till then folks

Au revoir!


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