Of hot chocs,snuggles and a little rain

Its four p.m. and I’m sitting in my room cuddled up on my couch, the room is all dark except for the light that is seeping in through the blinds .Outside the window, the weather is quite British.Grey clouds are ambling through the sky and now the trees have paired up with the breeze for a waltz or two. And I’m sitting here on my sofa on one of those rare occasions when a book fails to keep me occupied because my mind is too messed up and busy taking in these feelings.Winters have such an effect upon me it seems.

someone once said

poets are always taking the weather so personally.

Well I’m no poet but still , I do like taking the weather personally(actually on a second thought I maybe one-fourth of a poet :p)

but anyways coming back to the weather.Rain and winters are a deadly combination in many ways. first of all you get this incontrovertible urge to snuggle in your bed wrapped up in a warm quilt. Next comes the almost dying need for a cup of hot choc followed by the urge to listen to voices like ed sheeran and john mayer.(Sigh)HEAVEN.What else do I say.

This weather is simply not allowing my brain to function properly so I guess this is goodbye.

For now.

Here’s to winters.

Hope you have the company of an amazing cup of hot choc.

Au revoir.


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