Cosmic Conundrums


Circles and cycles and seasons
For everything there’s always reason
But it’s never good
Never turns out as it should

– Break the cycle ( YOU + ME)

We dont always get we want, what we thought we would get or what we imagined would happen. From the moment we are capable enough to write A,B,C’s we are told that life is unpredictable, it is beyond our control it is a game and the only thing that we can do is make the moves and the outcome whatsoever depends on some sort of cosmic connections. Right?

NO .This is bullshit. I am sorry but it is. This is the truth the plain and simple truth, uncensored, just the way it is. The events of our life are not happening due to some cosmic connections. They happen because we made a decision at some point  in our life and that decision has brought us here,brought me here wherever here might be.It’s plain physics every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Now that’s life. It’s all about balance,nobody gets more than their share’s worth and nobody gets anything less than that.

But still in the midst of all this we dream. We start needing and wanting more .We develop this inherent need to be something more than just a living entity. Something that is not defined by the confines of life. We want to be free. Free from the need to constantly define and prove ourselves, free from the monotony of our existence. But freedom as always comes at a great price. I feel that when i wake up in the morning and i have this incontrovertible desire to listen to music and read all day i should be able to do just that without being concerned about any repercussions.(Ok i know thats a bit too utopian,so coming back to reality..) What i mean by this is we should be free to do what we want to do and exactly when we want to.

But life has a knack of getting its way. But that shouldn’t stop us, I mean it didn’t stop Steve jobs, Nelson Mandela or Maya Angelou. So why should we back off? Why? We are no less than any John or Jane doe out there. All we need is a little gumption and a little push and we’ll be rolling down the right path pretty soon (hopefully!).

Maybe it might take a little time. Maybe the path might not be clear, maybe the journey is long but it is always within our reach. All we have to do is take the first step and hope against all odds that we can make it!

We may stumble, we may fall, but we must not forget to get back up(I know I’m sounding too cheesy but please bear with me :p ).

Every once in a while, when we feel that things couldn’t be better and we start getting the impression that life is just a boat ride floating gently down the valley with a gentle breeze greeting us every once in a while, that is when we should start paying attention. Cause life is not a boat ride down the valley with a gentle breeze greeting us, life is a boat ride through hell with every second counting, every second determining our existence and our place in this universe. But the good thing and the bad thing is that it depends entirely on us whether we make this boat ride a ride through hell or a boat ride gently floating down the valley.

So let’s take the first step whatever it might be and hope …..




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