I just finished watching ‘The fault in our stars’ probably for the fifth time. I know i know i am obsessed with it . But i have my reasons. Reason 1 : It is probably the best movie i have had the pleasure to watch in a long long time. Reason 2: the story,the characters,the actors who played the characters were impeccable. Reason 3: awesome soundtrack (now do i need to say anything else) , but we won’t be talking about tfios any more because that would take another blog or two.So we will talk about oblivion and fear and the fear of oblivion(Which as it so happens was also one of the highlighted points in the movie.)

Oblivion. So many wise men and women have spent their entire lives trying to figure out the meaning and the relevance of it all . What is the purpose of life what are we here for really what happens after we die, after we are reduced to dust? and a plethora of many more such philosophical questions . though they may have been able to reach to a lot of different conclusions about them there has never been a perfect unanimous answer. I am not saying that i know the answer or i have been able to reach anywhere near close to getting the answer (i mean what are the chances of that?). I believe that we all fear oblivion at some point or the other in our lives and as a result we spend our entire lives running from it,finding solace and reassurance in the different facets and ways of life. we are afraid to think of a time, of a point in this world when we will no longer be valid our existence will no longer be necessary when we will be reduced to meagre references or memories.so we want to fix it and we do this by trying to do great and unachievable things so people will remember us , we try to leave behind a legacy to affirm our presence to make ourselves feel secure. I am not saying that this is the wrong thing to do, that we should all just stop striving for the best , stop trying to improve this world. All i am trying to understand is what is the point of it all?If we are all eventually going to die at some point in time why bother trying to make a difference,trying to bring changes. Why bother at all why not just leave things the way they are.

Maybe its just because of the way we are wired.Our passion,our fears,our dreams that give us the power to stay sane,stay alive and keep doing what we are doing.

Maybe one day we will understand the point of it all. Until then lets keep doing what we do best.Ignoring the inevitable.

Au revoir


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