Birthday ‘Bumps’

Bithdayy!! who doesn’t gets excited by this? The single most awaited day in the life of probably everyone!! cakes, gifts, going out to celebrate with your friends and so much more!! What could possibly go wrong?? A lot actually! Especially if you have cronies like mine!

The day started out quite normally, well normal for a birthday celebration (If you know what i mean),chocolate cake(Hmmm!), gifts (So amazing and thoughtful (I’m so lucky :p)).After the initial celebrations our group started out on our journey for the main ( and much awaited ) event of the day, for which we had been planning for weeks and after many,many long discussions and negotiations we finally settled on a place to go for lunch! It was about an hour and a half away(That is if everything went smoothly).So there we were , a massive group of sixteen people all marching  along to find an auto or two to take us to the metro station . well that was easy and the ride went equally smoothly except the occasional jitters of the pot holed road and of course the failed attempts by ms.chitra to get everyone to sing along!(%OD). We eventually got into the metro and from there it was another hour to our destination.The metro ride was no big deal either except the fact that we disturbed every single person in the entire metro(Heheh)!! Finally we reached our destined station. It was supposed to be a mere ten minutes auto ride from the station but little did we knew what lay ahead. We headed out to get another auto ,all sixteen of us, so apparently we needed around four autos that is if four people squeezed together into one.But those auto drivers turned out to be complete crooks and decided to charge us extra just because they thought that we were new there and they could easily fleece us (seriously!). So we all decided (a bit reluctantly !) that we could walk a bit and catch a bus instead. Oh god! none of us could have thought that it involved walking on an expressway and crossing underpasses ,jumping over trenches (We woke up a poor dog who was probably enjoying his afternoon nap) and to top it all the sun decided to grace us all as warmly as was possible, I mean we really couldn’t have asked for more. But wait the adventure continues…

Well we finally reached our long awaited destination ‘ Big Yellow Door’, but as i said before things don’t always go as planned and so we were told that the place was jam packed and we probably had to wait to for another thirty minutes or so to get a table and that was not a welcome news and especially because of the fact that we were all starving and and desperate to eat and drink something !! not willing to wait we went in search of another place, and we found one not far off , and well the stars had it in for us there was a waiting line as well , the usher told us that it would take a couple of minutes for the tables to be available but it wasnt meant to be cause we had wait for about forty more minutes and also because we needed a table big enough for sixteen people we had to wait a little longer, so meanwhile we decided on our orders to save time , the names of the dishes were  enough to make our mouths water (Q_____). After forty minutes of waiting when we were finally ushered in we all walked in like we had returned victorious from a war(;P).Aahh god knows the sweet relieve that we all felt when we hit the sofas and the air conditioned air cooled us as we quenched our thirst with water which felt like we were drinking water for the first time given the speed with which we all gulped down the entire glass.and then the much awaited dishes started arriving . except the fact that we soon realised that the starvation had compelled us to order more than we could possibly eat and soon we were lying back holding our tummies exhausted from all the eating and wondering what to do with all the leftovers!! The meal was followed by the ‘epic photo shoot’, agu’s awesome i’m soo happy pose,aru’s selfies. and then the gelfies(Group selfies) sixteen people trying to fit in a selfie (Hmmm..haven’t heard of this before, maybe we created a world record ;p) and arora’s attempts to capture our gelfie moments . I couldn’t have asked for a better day really despite all the incidents , it is days and moments like these that make you feel so cherished and blessed. If i had it my way i wouldn’t have changed a single thing that happened today!Ok so now i guess i’m getting ‘senty’ so i should just bring this to an end!

P.S. : A big hug and a special thank you to all my friends for making today so am-uhazingg!!

P.P.S Sorry gandhi we nearly left you!!

P.P.P.S that cafe played nearly all my favourite songs(Swoon!!)


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