….Music is a sacrament

– Bono.

Yes,Music is a sacrament. It’s religion.It’s something to be revered and held above everything,because it has the power to penetrate beyond boundaries and connect people in way that cannot be imagined.Music is ubiquitous,its everywhere from a soda advertisement to a philharmonic performance.Music is perhaps the only thing that can break shackles and make people forget their differences and come together in a bond formed by this religion.

…Songs give you hope

– Nelson mandela in his book Long Walk to Freedom

No matter where you are you can never be far from music and especially not if you are a music fanatic like me whose day begins and ends with indie,country and pop.

Music is something that has always been there for me.When people have failed me music has always stood by me like a true and loyal friend listening to my woes and my sobs. God knows how many times i have turned to John Mayer for solace , sang along with lorde,one republic ,adam young, danced to the beats of david guetta ,cried with Tim Mcgraw and Andrew Belle and I could go on and on with this list but essentially what i mean is that music means the world to me. If all the authors of this world are my trusted advisors then music is that BFF who has always been there.

One song is all it takes to bring back a flood of memories.My best and the worst moments have always been shared by music not by people.Music makes everything so much more easier,It says all that needs to be said, speaks for you in a way you never could have. In short it says it all for you…. or me in this case.I clearly remember a couple of nights ago i was cuddled up in my bed with my laptop and earphones plugged in, looking at pictures of me and my grandma who passed away last year and this very beautiful and mushy song by andrew belle comes up and there i am listening to the song and looking at the photographs and before i even realize tears are streaming down my face and i am sobbing like anything.And then there was this another incident , after a terrible day in college i was sitting in my cab on my way home, earphones plugged in as usual ,feeling as miserable as is humanly possible and at that moment the blessed shuffle plays one of the cheekiest songs in my playlist and there i am laughing like an idiot, not a worry in the world , all the events of the day completely forgotten, just enjoying that ephemeral moment.It is moments like these that make me wonder how beautiful life is just because of music.

Isn’t it amazing how three minutes can change your world in a way you never could have thought.How music just suddenly fills up the empty spaces and no matter how you are feeling, it always manages to penetrate your deepest thoughts. No matter how sad i am, listening to my favourite songs always brings back the smile on my face, dries out my tears, gives me the strength to keep on moving forward keep on pushing that extra mile.

When i think about it i find it hard to imagine my life without music.I don’t think i would be able to make it through even a single day without listening to music.It would almost be impossible for me to even open my eyes without listening to fort minor or david guetta or AC/DC,without rapping along with pitbull on my way to college or even without listening to pink while studying!!! Ahh jeez it’s so difficult to even fathom such a situation like this !

Music saves me everyday,renews me,gives me purpose,lets me dream and so much more..

For all these uncountable three minutes i am thankful to every single person  who makes it possible for me and all other music lovers out there to be able to live our lives normally.

Let’s keep on singin to the beats

’till then

Adios mis amigos




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