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Tech wars

It’s another beautiful summer day (never mind the scorching heat and the hot winds ) and I’m sitting here in my room cooped up in front of my laptop looking for, well ideas about how to spend the rest of my days (I’m already halfway through my summer reading list and i’m saving up for the remaining 24 days  ) so yes as you would have figured out by now I’m terribly BORED!!

So I was just surfing the net when i came across this article about UNPLUGGING,It talked about how much we are surrounded by technology , we start our mornings by looking at our smartphones and end our days by doing the same thing ,What it suggested was to completely lay off the tech for a day or two and just look around and relax without worrying about having to check your emails, instagram feed, tweeting etc. Well the article obviously appealed to my bored mind but little did i realise that this task was easier said than done especially to a tech-freak like me whose major part of day revolved around twitter,instagram and reading ebooks,pinterest etc.

I finally decided to undertake this challenge (yes I’m calling it a challenge as you would have guessed why). The first five hours of my tech-free day went quite smoothly except the habitual urge to check my phone but i was determined, so I looked for other things i could do( I had already spent around  two hours reading and i wanted to save some for the remaining portion of the day as a backup plan in case i ran out of things to do which in this case was the most likely outcome)

So i started  roaming around the house looking around nooks and corners ,opening and closing drawers (I ended up dishevelling most of them much to my mum’s agony) until i finally ended up in the kitchen and  started my usual ‘inspection’ and after having opened each of the cupboard and the drawer and finally being shooed out by my mum I realised that this ‘challenge’ was proving to be a tough one and it was just noon and i still had more than half of my day to go through. Exhausted from the four floor search operation i finally receded to my room (Which turned out to be a bad choice ) cause the moment i entered , my eyes fell upon my laptop lying closed on my desk and if that wasnt enough i saw my phone continously buzzing with twitter feeds(i had left my phone in my room just in case…) and I thought to myself, checking the phone just once wouldn’t do any harm and so there it was so much for my tech-free day one thing led to another and before i knew it i was switching on my laptop to read another e-book(sigh!).What started out as an adventurous day soon turned into a normal tech dominated one.I lost and technology won.

Well here’s to trying!

until next time!



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