A melancholy life

A lot has been happening of recently. Today I have entered into the third year of my graduation .It’s kind of hard to believe that I’ve come so far. It seems like only yesterday when I was standing on the threshold of entering college life and now here I am two years into it, it scares  and amazes me at the same time how quickly time flies when you are too busy to pay attention to it. We never think about two years down the line because we are too caught up thinking about what will happen tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, we are entrapped in the trivialities of life to actually stop and pay attention to this beautiful gift, to just stop and breathe every once in a while and notice the lives around us, it’s like we are living in a bubble which is only one pin prick away from bursting. How fragile and volatile everything is and yet we end up taking it for granted as if we were to live forever.

whenever I step upon a metro platform and I see this huge wave of people rushing to catch their trains, so frenzied, so dulled not a single smile to be found amongst the panoply of human lives, It really makes me stop and think is this what we have been reduced  to? such automated dull boring emotionless lives, lives that know not the joy of smiling without a reason, being grateful for just one more day, just enjoying the music and nodding your head to the tune like a loon. We only think about life, think about feelings and all the other beautiful things when we can no longer enjoy them or when they are no longer within our grasp! Why do we wait for a life altering event or something drastic to happen to make us realize the frailty of life .But I also feel that  life is not made of days but rather of moments, when you look back it’s not the days or the hours but those fleeting moments that etched themselves In our memory that come to our minds.



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