The Case Of The Missing Wallet

Heaven knows I’m depressed. Some half-witted moron stole my beautiful wallet today 😥

And the worst part is that mom told me that my wallet actually belonged to my granny who gave it to my mom as a gift and my mom in turn gave it to me so yes it was sort of passed down the generations it would seem and that BLOODY THIEF (as the brits would say )could find only my wallet to steal and to make matters worse it also contained my college id card (now how am I going to enter my college??) curse that thief (ahhargh!!!) yes by now it would have been obvious to you that I’m genuinely pissed off!

There I was happily going along with my day dealing with all the nitty gritties of life and then I’m on my way to fetch my charger from my laptop bag and what do I find? My bag lying wide open and I’m staring at it thinking whether I closed it or not before keeping it and then the obvious thing strikes me and I am on my knees in a flash searching frantically for my wallet praying to god that it’s still there and mentally kicking myself for leaving it there in the first place, but alas my worst fears came to life and the wallet was nowhere to be found, I ransacked the entire place like a cop searching for a bomb but my ill-fated  wallet was nowhere to be found:( then I had to do the obvious: alert the authorities, in this case the lousy lab attendants  who couldn’t care less (huh!) after searching the entire place from top to bottom and probably having disturbed every single person in the room I had no option but to resort to the ultimate thing : checking everyone’s bags and my was that an easy task when I asked people to check their bags they literally shoved their bags in my face and at a point  I felt like I was the one to have stolen something!!

After thirty minutes of a lot of excuse me’s and thank you’s and sorry’s (Why did I even bother to be courteous?) I still couldn’t lay my hands on my wallet!

I mean it’s not just about the money but the sentiment attached to it!!  That incident literally had a domino effect on my day, I had to wait couple minutes extra to see the video footage of that room which was ultimately not shown because the authorities couldn’t get it in time (Why am I not surprised by that?) because of which me and my friends couldn’t catch the earliest metro back home and to top it all I had to cancel my coffee plans (so long Irish coffee).

Hell shall wreak havoc on that scoundrel!! Curses be on him!  (I don’t usually swear this much )

Signing off for now .

Bon nuit



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