It’s summer time!

Woohoo! My majors just got over yesterday and suddenly I feel a ton lighter ūüėČ and now begins the much awaited summer vacations! two most beautiful words in the English dictionary perhaps . And my head is brimming with thoughts of all the things i could do , places i could explore, people i can meet (sigh).but most of all i view summer vacations as a time to get in touch with the kid inside me. the very thought of summer vacations makes me nostalgic , every time these words pop in my mind i can literally feel my childhood play like a movie in front of my eyes(good old days )(sigh). I still remember how excited I used to be on the last day of the school and we just couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 2 and the moment when we knew that those 90¬†days of pure bliss and happiness were finally ours to enjoy. not a worry in the world, we just couldn’t care any less . but alas those were just the good old days ūüė¶ Summer vacations are no longer synonymous with ice-creams dripping down our hands ,¬†waiting for the sun to set so we could finally head out and play to our hearts content(sob), ¬†one summer vacation after the other the years went by and here we are standing ¬†on the threshold of adulthood,looking back and looking ahead trying to make sense of all that is going and where we are heading .

Though the years have passed by and we have changed in many ways good or bad but what i really like to believe is that somewhere deep within us behind all the seriousness there’s still the child in us waiting to be revived, waiting to be released, to roam free ,At times don’t we all feel like ¬†just letting ¬†go of everything ,throwing ¬†caution to the wind and running bare feet in the grass, ¬†dancing in the rain imagining that we were still ten years old and the only thing we had to worry about was not to miss the evening cartoon and getting the homework done in time (sigh!!).It seems summer vacations always make me so pensive¬†and nostalgic


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