I recently finished reading khaled Hosseini’s books . In all of his books khaled has managed to capture the intricacies of relationships so beautifully. The heart wrenching pain of loss ,the joy of redemption, the value of trust are portrayed so elegantly by his equally beautiful characters.

Be it the beautiful bond shared by brother and sister( Pari and Abdullah in ‘ And the mountains echoed’) or the bond forged through a childhood friendship ( Amir and Hassan in ‘ The Kite Runner ‘) or  through sheer fate ( Mariam and Laila in ‘ A Thousand  Splendid Suns’).His words make us question our purpose of existence and the meaning of true happiness.

Khaled never fails to leave the reader enraptured by his beautiful narrative. He has a way with words that can leave anyone and everyone yearning for more. His books are a gentle reminder of how precious each and every relationship in our life is and how every single one of our choices can change the course of our lives.


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